Все секретные трофеи в Realm Grinder

В этом гайде будут предоставлены все секретные трофеи в Realm Grinder, а также их способы получения.

Секретные трофеи — 67 Трофеев
Name Unlock Requirement
Leet Leet Have exactly 1337 Coins at any given time.
Unitary Unitary Have exactly 1 of each building at any given time.
Building Hater Building Hater Reach 100,000 Coins without building anything.
Grand Diplomat Grand Diplomat Ally with each faction at least once.
Exchange Master Exchange Master Purchase 500 Royal Exchanges in a single game.
Lucky Neutral Lucky Neutral Spend 7777 minutes being Neutral.
(5d 9h 37m)
Perfectly Good Perfectly Good Spend 333 hours being Good.
(13d 21h)
Diabolical Evil Diabolical Evil Spend 6 days, 66 hours, 666 minutes and 666666 seconds being Evil.
(16d 22h 17m 6s)
Assistant Squasher Assistant Squasher Click 100 times on the little assistant above your realm.
(tiny assistants in the background here)
Rewind Rewind Abdicate after producing at least 1 Oc (1E27) Coins.
Faction Grinder Faction Grinder Purchase the first 6 Faction Heritage upgrades in a single game.
Master Archeologist Master Archeologist You have discovered all the relics of the Ancient Races. (Titans, Druids, and Faceless)
Spellfury Spellfury Cast Tax Collection while having 3 spells active.
Speed Run Speed Run Reach 1 M (1E6) coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power.
(Can be done at R0)
Equality Equality With no less than 3 days of playtime, have less than 1 minute of playtime difference for the 3 alignments.
Beard Carpet Beard Carpet Have at least 3km beards on your assistants. (This takes 3d 11h 20m.)
Premeditation Premeditation Have at least 850 Dark Temples on any individual run before affiliating with the Drow.
Fast Forward Fast Forward Accumulate an offline time of at least 88 hours. The sum of all your offline reports counts towards this purpose.(3d 16h, This R)
Need a Head Start Need a Head Start? Don’t do anything for 5 minutes after starting a new game.
(Don’t buy anything and don’t click the background Clicking the background does not seem to prevent the trophy, acquired while manually clicking to Leet. See tips)
Realm Digger Realm Digger Excavate 400 times.
Harlequin Harlequin As a Mercenary, purchase one upgrade from 11 different factions.
Lucifer Lucifer As a Good Mercenary, purchase only Evil mercenary faction upgrades or vice versa.
Mathematician Mathematician Have building amounts exactly equal to 2tier-1 from bottom to top, starting from 20Halls of Legends.
(1024 Farms, 512 Inns, 256 Blacksmiths, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 and 1 Hall of Legends)
Mercenary Spirit Mercenary Spirit Reincarnate while playing as a Mercenary.
Bloodstream Bloodstream Unlock all Vanilla, Neutral, Dwarf and Drow faction Bloodlines (Can be done at R7)
Unlimited Mana Unlimited Mana Have a mana regeneration rate of at least 300 mana per second.
ForScience For Science! Purchase all the research facilities.
NoviceResearcher Novice Researcher Research 600 times across all fields.
Exchange Lord ExchangeLord Purchase 1500 Royal Exchanges in a single game.
Magician Magician Discover at least 10 Spellcraft Researches.
Artisan Artisan Discover at least 10 Craftsmanship Researches.
Demigod Demigod Discover at least 10 Divine Researches.
Businessman Businessman Discover at least 10 Economics Researches.
Apothecary Apothecary Discover at least 10 Alchemy Researches.
Warlord Warlord Discover at least 10 Warfare Researches.
VanillaResearcher Vanilla Researcher Discover all the Vanilla Faction researches.
VanillaChallenger Vanilla Challenger Complete all the Vanilla Challenges.
Neutral Challenger Neutral Challenger Complete all the Neutral Challenges.
PrestigeChallenger PrestigeChallenger


Complete all the Prestige Challenges.
Secret-trophy53-FactionRun Faction Run Reach 1 M (1.5E6) Faction Coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power, Excavations nor any spell.
Intermediatresearcher Intermediate Researcher Research 1800 times across all fields.
Ancientresearcher Ancient Researcher Discover all the Ancient Races researches.
Norecruit No Recruiting Reach 1 Novg (1E90) gems in a Reincarnation without ever affiliating with the Mercenaries. (See Tips)
ThatExcavatedQuickly That Excavated Quickly Excavate 1000 times in the first 30 seconds of playtime.
(Can be done from around R20+)
Glho kohhl snod glho kohhl snod «Barely whispering these letters makes your heart pound harder…»
(In the options, try to import this: glho kohhl snod)
Mana Matrix Mana Matrix Have exactly 4767 maximum mana.
Suggestion Master Suggestion Master Open the changelog and ponder about what could be added in there for 3 minutes.Note: To open the changelog click the version number in the options.
Rule 'dis Rule ‘dis Abdicate 10 times within 3 minutes.
Because I Like to Grind Because I Like to Grind Spend at least 3 hours playing in a single game.
ExpertResearcher Expert Researcher Research 2750 times across all fields.
UnderworldResearcher Underworld Researcher Discover all the Underworld researches.
StoicResistance Stoic Resistance Reach an amount of Gems in your treasury equal to the requisite of the first Reincarnation (1 Oc (1E27) gems) without abdicating since the start of a new Reincarnation.
Van!shment Van!shment Reach an Offline Bonus of at least 1 Qa (1E15)%.
PA: 1895%
Iron Rush Iron Rush Reach 750 Iron Strongholds without using Gem Power nor Reincarnation Powerwithin 5 minutes of a new game. (Underground Foundations (Dwarf 5) and Siege (W400) work for this trophy)
Colorful Autocasting ColorfulAutocasting


Have each type of autocasting active simultaneously.
Cata SpellCataclysm


Have at least 4 spells active on tier 5 or higher.
Advisor Insight Advisor Insight Click the Hint button 100 times.
Dragon Tamer Dragon Tamer(PA) Fully develop your Spiky Egg into an Elder Dragon.
Helden Sterben Nicht Helden Sterben Nicht Join Mercenaries, then Undead, then Angels within 15 minutes since the beginning of a new run in a single game session.
MasterResearcher Master Researcher Research 10000 times across all fields.
EternalResearcher EternalResearcher


Discover all the Dragon researches.
ManaWaste Mana Waste Have mana regeneration higher than max mana.
Prismatic mana 2 PrismaticMana (PA) Cast the same amount of Faction spells with all Vanilla and Neutral factions with a minimum of 100 each.Can only be unlocked after ascending once.
SecretAutoclick Autoclicker Perform 40 automatic clicks in one second.(Currently bugged; may require less than 40
GrandmasterResearcher Research 18500 times across all fields.
Exchange High Lord
ExchangeHigh Lord Purchase 5000 royal exchanges in a single game.
Genealogist (PA) Have a total of 300 lineage levels.

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